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      Competency Cards - our best seller!
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Everyone is talking about them: Competencies. But what are they really? This handy set of cards translates the concept of job competencies into
a practical tool.

  • comp cards jpeg new lookA deck of Forty Cards divided into four categories: Work Skills, Personality Factors, Interpersonal Factors, and Leadership Factors

  • Each card represents a different competency, with a brief description of the skill, behavior or expectations

  • Use in workshops or use as an individual tool

  • Utilize exercises designed by SSA for the cards or design your own! (see resources)

  • Allows managers to identify critical competencies for interviewing / hiring, for performance management and for personal or employee development

  • Use in a management workshop to identify "company" or "managerial" or "leadership" competencies and associated expectations or to ID developmental needs 
  • Purchase one set of cards for each participant to keep or purchase a batch of cards (enough sets for each participant to use in the training), and re-use them over and over in training sessions or workshops.
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