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T& D / HR Strategic Consulting

Need some help defining and planning your employee Training & Development strategic plan?  What plan, you say?

Let us help you with that.

For example, did you know that a T&D plan should address four "boxes"?

  1. Baseline and/or compliance training needs:
    including orientation, safety, legally mandated, HR basics (harassment prevention, ethics, benefits, etc.).
  2. Job specific training needs:
    including, if applicable, sales training, customer service training, propietary systems and software training, and the like.  This box is about company-specific or role-specific training, usually custom and group-targeted.
  3. General employee development training needs:
    including soft skills like Time Management, Communication Skills, among other topics.  Plus broadly used software training like Word, Excel, et al.  This box is about training that may cross functional lines and can often be delivered with little customization.
  4. Management / leadership development needs:
    including general baseline training in all management skills, performance management, interviewing skills, coaching and motivating, and the like.  Plus, development programs like high-potential programs, succession planning programs, and individualized management or executive development.  This box is about making sure the top 20% of your organization is moving your company the right direction.

 SSA can provide you with a T&D assessment and develop your T&D plan at little cost.

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