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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Simple fee structure

Just $149 per manager,

per month






Online Coaching & Development

Take your managers to a new level of succcess!

→  A fraction of the cost of a live professional development or executive coach

→  Conducted entirely online

→  Measures character traits and management/ leadership skills
      using the Hartman Value Profile, a principle-based assessment

→  Delivers 'spot on' eCoaching deep into your management ranks with
      measurable results

→  Includes before and after team/co-worker feedback, plus quizzing, eLearning,
      goal setting, journaling, self-defined and program defined exercises
      and more

→  Valuable for all levels of management team, and for hi-potential
     non-management employees

→  Platforms include:  Management Skills, Leadership and EQing
      (Emotional Intelligence)

→  E-Mentoring included

→  Accelerates your management team to the next level performance

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