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Live Executive / Management


According to CCL (Center for Creative Leadership) 40% or more of management/executive placements will end in "derailment," i.e. actual or perceived ineffectiveness.  While some derailments are inevitable, others could be mitigated or avoided altogther through a diligent process of growth and development.

Despite the need for growth and development, however, and due to the nature of most executive and management roles, public or group training sessions may not offer the caliber of development or attentiveness that would make attendance worthwhile.  Which is why more and more leaders are exploring the option of one-on-one coaching to address their development needs.

Topics might include:

  • Self awareness / assessments (360 feedback, Myers-Briggs, Thomas Kilmann, etc)
  • Handling Personal Transitions
  • Communication / Interpersonal Skills 
  • Time Management
  • Professional Image and "Presence"
  • Change Management
  • Diversity, Sensitivity, Harassment, Legal Issues
  • Motivating and Developing Subordinates
  • Influencing and Persuasion 
  • Emotional Intelligence 

All coaching is customized to the indiviudal's needs. 


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