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Monday, January 21, 2019

A 1/2 Day Onsite Training Course

Just $1,900 per session
(plus travel costs, if any)
Includes all materials*
Presented by one of our talented instructors

* Up to 15 participants

Multiple session or non-profits discounts may apply, call for details



Employee Motivation Course (on-your-site)

Managers are often told to "motivate" their employees.  But offering incentives or rewards or threatening employees with consequences is not all there is to motivation.

This fun and informative course helps managers understand employee motivation more thoroughly and provides abundant directions to help managers truly engage their employees with "What Really Matters..." to them.

Course Includes:

  • The five levels of employee engagement and strategies for managing each level of engagement
  • The six intrinsic motivators or values, what they are and how to know which are at play with your employees
  • Ways to tap into employees values, and get real results

Also includes:

  • Career Values Assessments for each participant
  • Over one hundred suggestions for motivating employees

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