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Monday, January 21, 2019

 A 1/2 Day Onsite Course

Just $2,400 per session on-your-site
(plus travel costs, if any)
Includes all materials*
Presented by one of our talented instructors

* Up to 15 participants

Multiple session or non-profits discounts may apply, call for details

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Negotiation Skills Course  (on-your-site)

From purchasing roles to proposing an annual budget, from buying a department printer to reaching an agreement on a timeline for a project, the ability to successfully negotiate is a critical skill for your professional toolkit.

What the course covers:

    • understanding the huge impact for good - or for bad - that negotiation skills can have on your professional success and your company's
  • your current negotiation style, through a quick assessment
  • the negotiation process
  • the need to “do the homework” before even starting the negotiation
  • win-win negotiation strategies, some areas of caution and making final decisions 
  • negotiation "tactics," simple techniques you can use to improve negotiation outcomes

Also includes:

    • practice negotiation, and then a review of the negotiation outcomes
  • ethics in negotiation and the importance of keeping all interactions professional
  • finally, tips for reporting on your negotiations and getting the credit you deserve as a negotiator.





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