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Monday, January 21, 2019

A 1/2 Day Onsite Training Course

Just $2,400 per session on-your-site
(plus travel costs, if any)
Includes all materials*
Presented by one of our talented instructors

* Up to 15 participants

Multiple session or non-profits discounts may apply, call for details

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   Interviewing Skills Course (on-your-site)

      Part of the "Essential Management training" series

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With only a few short minutes to make a decision, make sure that your managers are using their interviewing time to get the very best candidate for the job with this highly engaging workshop in legal, structured, behavioral interviewing.  This competency-based interviewing program will produce results!

What The Course Covers:

  • Legal issues surrounding interviewing and how to keep interviews legal
  • How to identfy the job competencies that really matter for success in a given position
  • Writing exceptional, behavioral interview questions (over 150 sample questions included)
  • Reviewing and evaluating resumes
  • How to conduct a structured interview
  • Documenting interviews
  • Making that critical final decision
Course also includes: comp cards jpeg new look
  • Our Competency Cards – the very best tool for determiningcompetencies for any job
    • Real job postings or job descriptions to make exercises relevant
    • Role play – to practice the interviewing skills they have learned






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