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Monday, January 21, 2019

A 1/2 Day Course

Just $2,400 per session on-your-site
(plus travel costs, if any)
Includes all materials*
Presented by one of our talented instructors

* Up to 15 participants

Multiple session or non-profits discounts may apply, call for details

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Time Management Course (on-your-site) 

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Companies today expect employees to produce "more with less." It is no wonder that so many business professionals find that their career success depends on improving their time management and organizational skills.

What the Course Covers:

    • The costs of poor time management, and the ugly truth
  • An evaluation of organizational skills and the impact of being disorganized
  • General organizational skills, file management and e-mail organization
  • An analysis of where participants’ time goes, giving them a chance to break down their daily and weekly tasks, and identify opportunities for harvesting time or streamlining activities
  • Time management "systems" – what the options are and the advantages and disadvantages of each, plus the rules for using a system well
  • General tips on topics such as multi-tasking, delegating and managing meetings
  • And, professional burnout: causes, symptoms, consequences and remedies


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