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Career Values Assessment (Original Form 1)


When individuals are allowed to select values from a simple list, their truest, deepest career values are revealed.  This great tool comes with clear instructions for individuals or groups to help them instantly grasp and
come to understand the nature of career engagement and alignment.

  • Defines what employees find most important in their careers
  • Then assesses alignment with their current job
  • Use for career development, and as an instructional tool in
    motivating courses to demonstrate individual differences in
    intrinsic motivation
  • No licensing required for this tool
  • Group activity takes 1-2 hours depending on depth of facilitation
    and reading/comprehension speed of participants


Purchase package of 10
CVA I Assessments
 for just $89.95


NEW! Career Values Assessment II 

Our new Career Values Assessment (CVAII)  take less time and still gives
great insights into the nature of career engagement and alignment.

  • Complete the assessment in about 20 minutes
  • Produces a graph that indicates the person's key workplace values


 Purchase package of 10
CVA II Assessments



Order the book
Manifest Motivation (softback or e-book)
for more in-depth understanding of the motivational categories
and how to coach
employees or managers and tap into
employee motivation.


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