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Monday, January 21, 2019

 A Full Day Onsite Training Course

Just $3,500 per session
(plus travel costs, if any)
Includes all materials*
Presented by one of our talented instructors

* Up to 10 participants

Multiple session or non-profits discounts may apply, call for details


Presentation Skills Course

More and more business professionals find that speaking to groups or public speaking is required in their jobs. 
Isn't it time to improve this critical skill?

What is covered:

  • defining your presentation skills needs to determine in what kinds of situations you will most need this skill
  • how to prepare to present and the three speaking methods
  • presentation formatting, an outline process for any speaking situation
  • great beginnings or openers, transitions and strong finishes
  • video-taped “presentations,” including three passes in front of the video camera, giving you a chance to review and critique your improving presentation skill

Also Includes:

  • controlling nervousness – tips for improving poise and “presence”
  • how to handle distractions
  • how to improve your body language, and intended and unintended messages
  • plus using visual aides and PowerPoint to their greatest advantage


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