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Monday, January 21, 2019

 A 1/2 Day Course

Instructor Kit:   $ 1,299*
Includes detailed Instructor guide,
PowerPoint (protected and unprotected)
and 10 participant workbooks


Additional Workbooks 
$89  / package of 10


*  SSA Training programs are designed to be delivered by experienced trainers.  For Negotiation Skills, SSA recommends an "intermediate" to "advanced" experience level, including general training experience in this topic or related topics.  SSA take no responsibility, and accepts no liabilty for the quality of the delivery of SSA training materials. 

Negotiation Skills Course  (materials for purchase)

From purchasing roles to proposing an annual budget, from buying a department printer to reaching an agreement on a timeline for a project, the ability to successfully negotiate is a critical skill for your professional toolkit.

What the course covers:

  • understanding the huge impact for good - or for bad - that negotiation skills can have on your professional success and your company's
  • your current negotiation style, through a quick assessment
  • the negotiation process
  • the need to “do the homework” before even starting the negotiation
  • win-win strategies and areas of caution, plus some of the unwritten rules
  • negotiation "tactics," simple techniques you can use to improve negotiation outcomes 

Also includes:

    • practice negotiation, and then a review of the negotiation outcomes
    • ethics in negotiation and the importance of keeping all interactions professional
    • finally, tips for reporting on your negotiations and getting the credit you deserve as a negotiator






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