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 1/2 Day Course

Instructor Kit:   $ 999*
Manager version
Includes detailed Instructor guide,
PowerPoint (protected and unprotected)
and 10 participant workbooks


Instructor Kit:   $ 999*
Employee Version


Additional Workbooks
Manager version
$89 / package of 10

Additional Workbooks
Employee Version
$89 / package of 10


Understanding Diversity for Managers (materials for purchase)
- employee version also available

Welcome to the world as it is today!  Diverse and getting more diverse.  This short course offers participants personal insights into the breadth of diversity issues at work, and simple guidelines for maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment.

Course includes:

    • Some definitions observations about diversity
  • Ways that diversity can impact an organization
  • A scale of sensitivity regarding diversity-related issues
  • Assessment of your comfort in terms of diversity
  • Levels of diversity acceptance and acceptable workplace behavior
  • Guidelines and tips for maintaining respectful interactions

Also includes:

    • "Who are you?" exercise
  • Group diversity interaction exercise

Note: while the legal issues surrounding diversity are touched on in this course, this is more of a sensitivty training. 


For a more legally oriented training in discrimination /harassment prevention see our "Legal Issues for Managers" course.


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