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 1/2 Day Course

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*  SSA Training programs are designed to be delivered by experienced trainers.  For Managing Change, SSA recommends an "intermediate" to "advanced" experience level, including general training experience in this topic or related topics.  SSA take no responsibility, and accepts no liabilty for the quality of the delivery of SSA training materials. 

Managing Change Course  (materials for purchase)
Part of the "Essential Management Training" series

These days change is ever-present and ever more challenging.  Teach your managers to handle their crucial role in guiding employees through the change process with this fun and interactive course.

What We’ll Cover:

    • understanding the nature of business change and the three-stage change process
  • self-awareness and the importance of managers knowing where they are in the change process
  • how managers can take responsibility for and control of their thoughts about a change and, more importantly, their behaviors as a change leader
  • the three possible levels of employee change acceptance and methods of managing employees in each level
  • the role of the manager in the guiding employees through the change process and identifying specific actions you can take to facilitate change

Also Includes:

    • The change barometer - exercise
  • Manager’s change management role – self-assessment
  • Case study exercise



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