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 2-3 hour course

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 *  SSA Training programs are designed to be delivered by experienced trainers.  For Preventing Sexual Harassment, SSA recommends an "advanced" experience level, including significant training and/or HR experience or credentials.  SSA take no responsibility, and accepts no liabilty for the quality of the delivery of SSA training materials. 

Further, purchasers stipulate understanding that this course contains significant content with legal implications; trainers are advised to diligently maintain current legal expertise or certifications in relation to the content presented in these training materials.

Preventing Sexual Harassment Course (for managers)
 - employee version also available 

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Over 13,000 complaints filed annually.  Millions of dollars in awards.  Managers must be trained.  This short preventing sexual harassment training handles the essentials and creates a great start for your affirmative defense.

Meets California AB1825 Requirements

What The Course Covers:

    • Facts and Statistics about sexual harassment
  • What is and what is not  sexual harassment
  • The two broad categories of sexual harassment
  • The five types of Hostile Environment and the three tests 
  • How to prevent and what to do in potential sexual harassment situations
  • Case study quiz to recognize harassing situations

Also Includes:

    • A manager’s potential for personal liability
  • A manager’s responsibility in sexual harassment situations and its impact upon company liability
  • Retaliation: its manifestations and consequences
  • Affirmative defense

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