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A 2-Day Course

Instructor Kit:   $ 4,995*
Includes detailed Instructor guide,
PowerPoint (protected and unprotected)
and 10 participant binders

Additional Binders:  
$699 / box of 10 

*  SSA Training programs are designed to be delivered by experienced trainers.  For Managing Essentials, SSA recommends an "advanced" experience level, including significant training, HR and management experience.  SSA take no responsibility, and accepts no liabilty for the quality of the delivery of SSA training materials. 

Further, purchasers stipulate understanding that this course contains significant content with legal implications; trainers are advised to diligently maintain current legal expertise in relation to the content presented in these training materials.


Managing Essentials Course (materials for purchase)

SSA's Flagship 2-Day Course

Contains all the content of the Legal Issues, Interviewing Skills, and Performance Management courses, plus coaching and motivating employees. Managers learn the essentials plus what it takes to be a great manager.

A comprehensive workshop that develops effective management skills while raising the bar on professionalism and performance.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Understanding the management competencies needed to be successful in management roles
  • What management derailment is, and the most common management “derailer” issues
  • The legal issues involved in managing others and the foundation rules for keeping management activities legal (including discrimination, harassment, ethics, confidentiality, safety and more)
  • What is important in hiring for any position and how to conduct meaningful interviews that result in good hiring decisions
  • How to manage performance of subordinates on the day-to-day level, annual review level, and on the problem performance level
  • Finally how to implement positive coaching and motivating behaviors to create a successful team environment

    What people have said about this course:

    “Probably the best training I’ve attended. I actually feel I am going to use the tools - tomorrow.” 
    Southern California participant

    “Best training I’ve received. Able to directly apply to job.”
    Southern California participant

    “Excellent Information – much needed!”
    Colorado participant

    “All information was required for effective management”
    Arizona participant

    “Trainer was great… I thought I was good at managing people.
    I know now that I had a lot to learn. Thank you!”
    Virginia participant


No Trainer?  No Problem!

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